Causes of Mindless Children – – Insecure children are children who lack self-confidence. One of the factors that most influence the emergence of feelings of inferiority in children is how to educate parents for their children.

The role of parents is very big for the development of children. That is why parents must know how to properly educate their children so that they do not turn off their self-confidence.

The wrong way of educating parents by frequently saying words such as “stupid, stupid child” and so on will actually have a negative psychological impact on children. Even if parents say these words so often, it can actually turn off a child’s creativity and self-confidence. As a result, children will find it difficult to get along with other people and also easily offended because of lost self-confidence.

The negative impact of this wrong way of educating children will also have an impact on children’s psychology in the long term. Even if the child has grown up he will tend to find it difficult to find a partner because of the fear of rejection, betrayal and others. In fact, he will also tend to be more sensitive to the words or attitudes of others that he considers offensive, as a result he prefers to be alone or if the level is severe he can be categorized as an anti-social (anti-social) child. If this happens to your child, it means you have a lot of self-introspection about how to educate your child.

If the child has already become a child who is inferior and is not good at hanging out with his friends, of course you need to be alert and immediately help the child to wake up from this feeling of inferiority. One way that you can do is to increase the child’s self-confidence from an early age before it is too late. Some steps you can take to help the child is to take him for a walk to broaden the child’s knowledge, show the strengths that the child has, and try to understand the child’s needs and abilities. Through some of these ways, children will begin to change the mindset that has been embedded before.

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